Ezra, the Office Parrot
Ezra, the African Grey Parrot's email
Ezra is a Congo African Grey Parrot.  Like many African Grey Parrots, Ezra not only talks, he also communicates.  To see and hear how Ezra communicates, click here.  Please have your SOUND turned on so you can hear Ezra say "Hello".
Listen to me talk

Ezra's Photo Album
Ezra speaks in sentences
Ezra talks on the phone
Ezra whistles "Bridge over the River Kwai"
Ezra responds to humans
Ezra sings "Bird is the word"
Greys communicate across the Net
Ezra laughs (two wav files)
Ezra tells you what a bird says
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To hear Ezra talk, just click on the red links.

Ezra says: Translation:
What's a cat say?  Mee-yow I want attention.
I'm just a bird. I want attention.
Ezra's a good bird. I want attention.
You have the right to remain silent. I want attention.
Would you like a peanut? I want a peanut.
What's a cow say?  Moo-oo I MUST have your attention NOW!
I love you. Please let me out of my cage.
OK, I'll see ya later!


Now that you've let me out of my cage, would you please leave the room?

Ezra's Photo Album

Ezra responds to human questions, too!
Click to hear him respond to:
"What's a cow say?"
"Would you like a peanut?"
"What's a pig say?"
"Would you like a corn chip?"

  To hear Ezra laugh, click here.
To hear Ezra talk on the phone, click here.
What's a bird say? To hear Ezra answer this, click here.
Ezra whistles "Bridge over the River Kwai" (his version).
Ezra sings "Surfer Bird" (bird bird bird, bird is the word).
Ezra's unique rendition of "Surfer Bird" (cute).

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